Brewer Wide Base Single Fin

Brewer Wide Base Single Fin


This Brewer Wide Base is the small version with dimensions of 6.75” x 5.25”x 0.46” (17.15 x 12.7 x 11.7mm) is best suited for California waves.

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At the peak of the single fin shortboard revolution, the Brewer Wide Base was the most popular fin attached to a surfboard.

Around 1978 Dick Brewer hand-shaped a fiberglass fin in Hawaii and sent it to his father’s plastics factory California so it could molded in plastic. 

The Brewers have collaborated with True Ames (Chuck Ames) to reproduce Dick’s hand-shape of 197X fin. The unique character is the fins foil thickness. Most removable fins have a width of that mimic’s the width of the fin box slot (about .375”/9.525mm). Due to its robust thickness, the Brewer Wide Base fin has a natural foil, which is 0.460” (11.7mm). Though it required a thicker fiberglass plate and extra labor to shape, both Brewer and Ames chose not to compromise the integrity of Dick Brewer’s original design.