Pakalolo Model

Pakalolo Model


Inhale and hold it” because the Pakalolo will get you “high” every time you surf. This is your one-board-quiver you’ll ride four of five surf sessions. It is the perfect travel board!

Dick has synthesized decades of design into this one board. The Pakalolo has the classic Brewer beak nose and his signature boxy rails.  They are soft in the middle, transitioning to a harder edge as they finish at the tips of the moontail.

“Volume is your friend” and the extra litres are where you need them most, under your chest. The flat deck, flat rocker, and the concave bottom, makes the Pakalolo a paddling machine.

The five-fin set-up delivers versatility and confidence. As a thruster, it is loose and playful, but you can add the extra bite of a “quad” when the Pakalolo moves you.

Every board is airbrushed green and ships with 13 ounces of Pakalolo… T-Shirt! The Brewer lei, has sprouted Pakalolo leafs to celebrate the magic and mystery of this board.

Note: Dimensions and volume are modeled estimates and subject to variability.

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