Magic Mini-Gun

Magic Mini-Gun


Magic Mini-Gun

Dimensions 7’5” x 20”x 3”

Availability: Ships in 8 weeks

This board is a time machine. It has all the essentials of Dick Brewer’s prolific past while receiving the augmentation of his current innovations. It has been said Dick is the author of the perfect template; a surfboard that has such a natural curve that every great surfer since the shortboard revolution in 1968 has ridden these lines.

When you add Brewer’s magic rocker, the idea of an accelerator pedal under your front foot, and the perfect placement of the concave, all complimented by his trademark rails, you have a Magic Mini Gun that is essential to those have on a bigger day or a surf trip.

Polyester Resin semi gun under 8'0. The perfect travel board built to order. The quoted price is based on clear. All "extras" are quoted per custom order form.

Shipping not included.

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